The Best “Petfluencers”

One of the most widely loved categories of influencers is ‘Petfluencers.’ Dogs, Cats, Tortoises, and more are featured all over the internet with massive followings on all platforms. With the audiences of these petfluencers varied in all demographics, pet influencers offer a uniquely diverse audience that could be helpful in establishing brand awareness.

We narrowed down the whole Instagram to find 20 pet-fluencers working with a wide variety of brands. Check out our top pics based on engagement, brand partnerships, and growth rates!

1. Tucker Annie Ashley (@tuckerandanniewhitegoldens)

  • Based in California, Tucker, Annie, and Ashley are English Cream golden retrievers with spunk. They’ve partnered with Dan Wellington on multiple occasions and with other brands promoting pet products.

2. Sterling (@sterlingsilvercat)

  • Siberian cat Sterling’s social media shows his travel and various adventures around California. Sterling’s quickly growing platforms on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook all bring in incredible engagement with rates blowing the benchmarks out of the water. Sterling’s various brand collaborations from the likes of petcare brands and Veterinarian-backed cat food brands.

3. Nigel the Hyacinth (@nigel_and_friends)

  • Nigel is a Hyacinth Macaw with a growing audience of over 30k. Nigel’s page teaches followers about parrot rescue, care, and general parrot facts. Nigel’s group has grown so robust that his owner (who also features other birds on Nigel’s page) is opening an Avian store. This shows the power of local and smaller-scale influencer marketing as posts about the store have received incredible engagement from followers all over the world, asking about opportunities to order online or how to visit the store itself.

4. Hamilton & Olivia (@hammyandolivia)

  • The duo of Corgis Hamilton & Olivia have grown a massive fan base on TikTok alongside their already-blossoming Instagram. With over 4.5M TikTok followers, the corgis have nearly 50 sponsored mentions between their two accounts, including brands Bang Energy, Amazon & Amazon Alexa, and Purina, among others.

5. Ethel The Glamour Tortoise (@etheltheglamourtort)

  • Ethel is Sulcata tortoise based in California- on her platform Ethel has partnered with Crown & Paw, MeUndies, and multiple other brands.

6. Rover (@rover_thecat)

  • By partnering with HBO, PrettyLitter, and Banfield Pet Hospital, Rover the adventure cat has amassed a broad audience of over 1M on TikTok and nearly 400k on Instagram. With growth rates of 8% and 15% on Instagram and TikTok, respectively, Rover’s partnerships have brought in as many as 590k per post.

7. Samson the Dood (@samsonthedood)

  • Samson the Goldendoodle is a New York City-based petstagrammer with over 1M followers on Instagram and a quickly growing (by 12%) TikTok audience of over 70k. Samson’s partnerships include a long-term partnership with Target and Target Style, multiple collaborations with Budweiser, and various other brands.

8. Cosmo, Yoshi, + Luna (@thelizardtribe)

  • Yoshi & Cosmo are beaded dragons, and their sister Luna is a Leopard Gecko, all based in Alaska. The ‘lizard tribe’ has promoted multiple pet food and supply brands, generally reaching around 3% engagement rates.

9. Oatie Meal (@oatiemeal)

  • Based in Chicago, Oatie Meal is a French Bulldog with just under 150k on Instagram and TikTok. Oatie has partnered with PetSmart, Walmart, Instinct Pet Food, and multiple other brands. With TikToks regularly bringing in more than 2% engagement, Oatie’s positive growth will likely continue.

10. Oliver the Awesome Pig (@olivertheawesomepig)

  • Oliver is a 10-year-old pig with over 13 thousand Instagram followers. His quickly-growing following has a steady engagement rate and mentions from numerous brands.

11. Coby The Cat (@cobythecat)

  • With over 3M followers between his four platforms, Coby the cat has partnered on multiple campaigns with brands Purina, Litter-Robot, and even Kat Von D beauty. This variety of brands illustrates the variety of audiences among pet influencers.

12. Eggnog & Igloo (@eggnogthebulldog)

  • Eggnog and his sister Igloo are the stars of their audience of over 350k Instagram followers, 115k Twitter followers, and 576k TikTok followers. The English bulldog duo has over 75 sponsored partnerships among their platforms, with repeated collaborations with Stainmaster, Stella & Chewy’s, and PetSafe Brands.

13. Kingsley and Chai Goldendoodles (@kingsleythedoood)

  • With nearly 60k on Instagram and over 700k on TikTok, Kingsley and his sister Chai are a Goldendoodle duo with almost 50 content partnerships under their belt. With, Kurgo Dog Gear, and Bombas as some of their brand names, the dogs have a unique variety of partnerships.

14. Reggie The Cat (@littlelordreginald)

  • Featuring partnerships with OxiClean, Maxbone, and Fera Pet Organics, Reggie the cat has also gained internet notoriety for being featured in Buzzfeed.

15. Mars the Martian (@mars_thepug)

  • After being featured on Nobu Hotels and by Nobu Los Cabo on multiple Instagram posts and stories, Mars the pug’s audience has skyrocketed by nearly 250% in the last week. By reposting Mars’ Instagram stories, Nobu’s accounts have valuable user-generated content that can bring more eyes to their pages.

16. Venus (@venustwofacecat)

  • Venus is known as the “Two-Face Cat” for his striking split-colored face. His pages feature him and multiple other pet ‘siblings’. Venus has over 2M followers on both Instagram and TikTok, with Facebook rapidly catching up at 1.4M. With 164 branded content posts, Venus has steadily promoted various pet items and foods as well.

17. Spike and Bandit (@spikedays)

  • Spike, Bandit, and Eevee are three bearded dragons with an audience of over 60k on Instagram. The trio has a TikTok page quickly catching up to their Instagram with almost 45k.

18. Good Boy Mulligan (@goodboymulligan)

  • Golden Retriever Mulligan has collaborated on over 30 campaigns with a wide variety of brands such as PubBox, Graduate Hotels, and Chuckit among others. Mulligan has a steady 2.23% growth rate and is quickly approaching 150k.

19. Atchoum The Cat (@atchoumthecat)

  • Atchoum is a Persian cat- his presences on social media have all grown steadily in recent months, nearing 200k on Facebook and surpassing 500k on Instagram.

20. Lilybug (@lilybug_lpb)

  • Adopted from Mr. Bones & Co nonprofit rescue, Lilybug has since become an internet star on Instagram and TikTok, with her Facebook quickly catching up. Brands Bissell, Embark vet, and VCA Animal Hospitals are among her nearly 20 partnerships.


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