Coupon & Budgeting Influencers Partnering With Brands for the Holiday Season

Shopping for the holiday season has always been notorious for its’ big sales and frenzy but in 2021 more than ever before, we are seeing the effect that social media and influencers alike have on consumer habits.

In fact, the Thanksgiving weekend and its’ subsequent shopping ‘holidays’ are expected to bring in record numbers, with Thanksgiving expecting $5.4B, Black Friday expected at $9.5B, and Cyber Monday expecting a whopping $11.3B, according to Adobe’s 2021 Holiday Shopping Report.

To no one’s surprise, these numbers reflect consumers’ more recent favoring of online shopping. Among many other reasons for this shift, shoppers have much more opportunity to find deals online.

One outlet for exclusive online coupons seeing popularity recently is influencer coupons.

While many influencers offer discounts for particular products, there are also influencers who are specifically focused on finding deals no matter the product. Whether they’re focused on extreme couponing, finding freebies, or partnering with retailers to promote daily deals, coupon and budget influencers are helping people save throughout Black Friday and all year long.

1. Toni Parrish (@couponingwithtoni)

  • Couponer Toni Parrish has partnered with big brands in recent months including Olay, Fabfitfun, and YouTube. Parrish has a potential reach of nearly 100k on her Instagram sponsored posts and a view count as high as 11k on her Youtube videos.

2. Liz | Target Mom (@targetfanatic)

  • Liz is a creator dedicated to keeping followers in the loop of Target’s events, sales, fashion, and home decor. With her dedication to the store, it makes sense that most brands Liz partners with are Target exclusives. Her partnerships include a wide variety of brands including Raw Sugar Living, Skinnydipped Almonds, and Target Style.

3. GregThatDude (@couponingwithgregthatdude)

  • Blogger and Youtuber Greg “That Dude” updates followers daily on ways to save on everything. Greg’s partnerships include Oral-B, Charmin, Amazon and Pantene. These posts have counted reaches as high as 390k, with engagement rates as high as 12%.

4. Save with Sydney (@savewithsydney)

  • Save with Sydney is a budget blogger and influencer helping followers save money daily. Sydney’s partnerships include QVC, Olay, and HSN- all with a potential reach of over 360k.

5. Julia Belkin (@freebies_and_more)

  • With almost 550k followers on her TikTok, Julia Belkin’s Blog “Freebies and More” has taken on a whole new life with different social media platforms. Not only has Belkin partnered with shopping destinations such as Walmart, Walgreens, and P&G, but other partnerships also include Amazon Musi and iHeartRadio.

6. Amiyrah Martin (@theamiyrahmartin)

  • Amiyrah Martin is the owner of 4 Hats and Frugal, where she teaches followers how to live a full life on less money, and have fun on a dime. Martin has been featured on Good Morning America, The Dr. Oz Show, and CNN among other publications. With almost 350 brand partnerships across her platforms, featured brands include Meijer, Verizon Wireless, Disney, Walmart, and Applebee’s.

7. Freebie Shark (@freebieshark)

  • Freebie Shark is a creator whose efforts in helping others save money are focused on finding freebies for them to capitalize on, and share his findings! His blog is now an award-winning freebie blog and on all platforms has seen partnerships from Costco, Tide, Gain, and Tampax among 50 others.

8. Kumiko Love (@thebudgetmom)

  • Mom blogger and budgeter Kumiko Love has grown her platform “The Budget Mom” to over 650k on Instagram and almost 200k on Youtube. With her lowest view count on Youtube at 8.7k, Love’s viewership carries substantial engagement! From Fetch to Amazon, to Starbucks, Love has partnered with over 20 brands to a reach of 3.2M.

9. Jenny Martin (@southernsavers)

  • Jenny Martin is the creator behind Southern Savers, Martin’s blog that focuses explicitly on helping moms save money. Martin’s coupons and deals include groceries and anything family-related. Brand partnerships from Martin’s account feature Walmart, Oral-B, Publix, Tide, and Pampers.

10. Kealana’s Bargain Finds (@walmartbargains)

& (target_bargains) - Kealana’s budgeting and couponing focus on Walmart and Target, with each store having an Instagram account based on current sales! It’s no surprise that Kealana has partnered with both of these stores in different ways, promoting many items in their aisles, including Mr. Coffee, Tresemmé, and Isopure. Kealana’s partnerships are unique in that many highlight brands as well as the retailers where they are stocked.

11. Saving With Dan (@savingwithdan)

  • At over 203k, Dan has built his platform “Saving with Dan” to inform followers about daily deals that could sell out any minute. His frequent discounts are featured on his Instagram but also in affiliate links in his Instagram Bio. Brands included in this list are Keurig, Fabletics, Pokemon, and almost 50 more daily deals.

12. Binh Nguyen (@fun2qpon_newyin)

  • Binh Nguyen is a couponer with over 5k affiliated links on his site, mentioning various brands as well. Nguyen is an Amazon Associate, so his affiliate links help him to earn money as well. With amazing deals almost hourly, Nguyen’s rapid growth is likely to continue positively.

13. Heather Schisler (@passion4savings)

  • Creator behind the popular blog “Passion 4 Savings,” Heather Schisler’s platform shares Target and Walmart finds as well as clearance hauls and other money-saving tips. Schisler has over 600 sponsored posts between her Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Her most frequent collaborators include Walmart, Walgreens, Sam’s Club, and CVS. Posts related to last year’s Black Friday reached over 4.5M from Schisler’s audiences.

14. Sara Jane (@thechiconthecheap)

  • Sara Jane is a predominantly Youtube-focused creator with over 30k on Instagram against her 466k+ subscribers on Youtube. Sara has partnered with Walmart and Walmart Fashion, among numerous other retailers. Her Instagram has engagement rates of 7.5%, and her lowest Youtube views are at 81k, where the majority of her influencer marketing happens through affiliate links. Though Sara has featured sponsored Youtube videos before, affiliate links found on her Youtube and Instagram likely perform better than a sponsored video because they feel more organic to viewers.

15. Coupon Caroline (@couponcaroline)

  • At 140k followers, Coupon Caroline has partnered with major brands Crest, Walmart, Costco, and Schwinn Bicycles, among others. Caroline’s posts have a potential reach of over 150k and have reached engagement rates as high as 15%.

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