Clean & Cruelty-Free Beauty Influencers

The ever-increasing demand for transparency in beauty product ingredients also correlates with consumers’ trend towards cruelty-free and “clean” products. According to Forbes, the global market for clean beauty is expected to reach $22 billion by 2024.

Clean beauty products are those made without ingredients shown or suspected to harm human health. Cruelty-free products are without experimentation on animals. Many consumers have turned towards these values when searching for their next beauty purchase, frequently enlisting the help of clean or cruelty-free beauty influencers!

We found these 20 beauty influencers partnering with clean beauty brands.

1. Demi Colleen (@demicolleen)

  • Clean beauty and SPF advocate behind the #twofingersfull sunscreen movement, Demi Colleen educates followers on best protecting their skin from sun damage. Colleen has partnered with several clean beauty brands, including Skyn, Farmacy, Biossance, and 20 others, covering many skincare topics. At only 23.1k followers, Colleen brings in nearly 90k in potential reach on sponsored posts.

2. Organically Becca (@organicallybecca)

  • Organically Becca is an influencer guiding her followers towards clean beauty, natural skincare, and holistic living. Regular sponsored giveaways have boosted her engagement as high as 13% and featured organic brands. Some of these brands include Osea, Au Naturale Glow, and Kosas.

3. Young Yuh (@yayayayoung)

  • Skincare enthusiast Young Yah has over 1.5M followers on Tiktok and a quickly growing audience of 82k on Instagram. Though Yah’s skincare isn’t strictly vegan/clean, many of the brands he partners with are, including Glow Recipe, Origins, and The Honest Company.

4. Sophie Uliano (@sophieuliano)

  • New York Times Bestselling Author and board-certified holistic nutritionist, Sophie Uliano’s following of almost 30k on Instagram and over 100k on Youtube are only part of her platform. Uliano shares clean beauty tips on her twice-weekly video series and has partnered with several clean beauty brands, including Tom’s of Maine and Womaness.

5. Rashawn (@glowskinguy)

  • Florida-based skinfluencer Rashawn shares his journey with Oily & Acne-prone skin, regularly featuring clean and vegan beauty products in his routines. These include Paula’s Choice, M-61 Powerful Skincare, and Belif USA.

6. Molly Hill (@maisonpur)

  • Molly Hill is an influencer and podcast host of Maison Pur, a Natural Living Podcast. Hill focuses on organic beauty, natural baby & child products, and a nontoxic home. Several brand partnerships are featured on her profiles, including Beauty Heroes, Chocolate Sun, and The Detox Box.

7. Lola Gusman (@thehermeshippie)

  • With 15k followers, Lola Gusman’s platforms feature a wealth of knowledge on clean beauty brands. Reviews, skincare routine videos, and giveaways are featured on Gusman’s profile and posts reach as high as 11% engagement. Brands featured in partnerships with Gusman include Supernal and La Bella Figura Skincare.

8. David Yi (@seoulcialite)

  • CEO of skincare brand Very Good Light and co-founder of the beauty blog Good Light World, David Yi is a beauty expert turned influencer. Yi has partnered with multiple clean beauty brands though his platform is not strictly clean beauty. Some of these brands include Sulwhasoo, Amore Pacific, and Kaja Beauty.

9. Bottled Blue (

  • Beck is a vegan beauty & lifestyle influencer. Though she has a variety of other brand partnerships, her beauty brand collabs feature Osea, Organic Basics, and Facetheory skincare. Her Youtube features a following of almost 15k, with views peaking at 49k on her most popular videos.

10. Ramón (@glowwithramon)

  • With growing audiences on all platforms, Glow by Ramón has growth rates of over 10% on Instagram and Twitter, with nearly 5% engagement on these platforms as well. Ramón has a view count of 575k on his top TikToks against a following of 12.8k. Some brand mentions and partnerships include Boscia and Glow Recipe.

11. Lisa Fennessy (@thisorganicgirl)

  • Also known as “This Organic Girl,” Lisa Fennessy helps followers make educated decisions about what they are putting in and on their bodies. Her social media features brand deals, her day-to-day skin and beauty routines, and her embrace of gray hair. With 84 sponsored mentions, some of the beauty brands featured in this are Force of Nature, Grove Collaborative, and Papillon Organic.

12. Nicole Whittle (@veganbeautygirl)

  • “Vegan Beauty Girl,” also known as Nicole Whittle, aims to make ethical living easier by helping her followers find beauty product alternatives to their non-sustainable options. With 130 branded mentions between her profiles, Whittle has partnered with vegan brands Lush, Evolve Organic Beauty, ELF Cosmetics UK, and various other brands not even in the beauty category. This variety shows the different opportunities brands can find when they look to influencers in different niches.

13. Jay (@citizenglow)

  • Oily & acne-prone skinfluencer, Jay shares her skin empties, latest obsessions, and routines with followers on all platforms. Her Instagram Reels alone have reached as high as 1.4m views, showing great potential ROI for her partnerships. A widespread trend in influencer marketing is affiliate programs, seen in Jay’s Instagram bio link. This ‘homepage’ of her affiliate links includes Farmacy, Allies of Skin, Necessaire, and Skinstore.

14. Matt Woodcox (@dirtyboysgetclean)

  • Featured in Cosmopolitan UK, Glamour Germany, and Vogue Thailand and India, Matt Woodcox has solidified his name as a beauty influencer worldwide. Woodcox has partnered with big skincare and beauty brands Fresh, Drunk Elephant, Summer Fridays, and Tatcha, among 132 brand mentions.

15. Wendyskin (@wendyskin)

  • AT over 200k on Tiktok and 72.5k on Instagram, Wendy skin is a college student and skincare aficionado turned influencer. Wielding almost a quarter of a million followers on TikTok, Wendy has partnered with big beauty brands such as Supergoop!, Bubble, and First Aid Beauty.

16. Juston (@myskinisglass)

  • Content creator behind @myskinisglass and @spfslut on Instagram, Juston gives his skin opinions on these platforms, blending different skincare methods in his trials. On @myskinisglass, Juston has partnered with SkinCeuticals where his partnership post garnered almost 200k in potential reach.

17. Amber (@ambertheevegan)

  • Amber is a vegan beauty and food blogger with over 15k followers on Instagram. Amber’s top-engaged posts reach as high as 23% engagement- most of them sharing helpful tips on going vegan. While Amber has also partnered with vegan food brands, the vegan beauty brands featured on her profile include Facetheory Skincare, Superdrug, and ELF Cosmetics UK.

18. Maddie Elaine (@maddie.elaine95)

  • Skincare & beauty blogger, Maddie Elaine’s most popular posts feature multiple gifted products from Farmacy, Purito Official, and Axis-y skincare. Beyond posts tagged #gifted, there are nearly 200 sponsored posts from the likes of Glossier, Fresh, and Drunk Elephant. Though Maddie isn’t strictly defining herself as a “clean” beauty influencer, most of the products she features are clean.

19. Anthony Vargas (@ihaveacneandwhat)

  • With just over 10k followers on Instagram, Anthony Vargas has affiliate partnerships with Neutrogena, ZitSticka, and Ren Skincare. Vargas’ highest engagement rate on Instagram is over 100% from only a month ago, so it’s no surprise that his account is growing at a rapid rate.

20. Linda Sau (@hellolindasau)

  • At just over 2k followers, Linda Sau has a highly engaged following, averaging around 6%. Sau has featured gifted products from Briogeo, Merit, and The Mob Beauty, among others. With a growing audience of highly engaged followers, Sau’s partnerships have potential reaches as high as 10k.

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