16 SFX Artists & Makeup Influencers to Inspire You During ‘Spooky Season’

As the leaves begin to turn and the weather gets chillier, the arrival of Autumn also marks the beginning of the Halloween season. Trick-or-treating might look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean that Halloween costumes have to!

We’ve all been there: You envision the perfect idea for a Halloween costume but can’t find it in stores. With all your options exhausted, you decide to try and make your costume- from scratch. While some might be excited at the challenge, we’re not all seamstresses or makeup-artists. Luckily, SFX (Special Effects) Makeup Artists and Influencers are here to help.

Whether you’re leaning towards a classic vampire look or something more advanced, there’s an endless list of beauty influencers with tips and tricks to help you nail your Halloween looks this year. We found these 16 influencers whose Halloween makeup looks are eclectic, unique, and spooky.

1. Meg Wilbur (@littlemonsterdoll)

  • A special Effects makeup-artist in LA, Wilbur has a blossoming Instagram following. Whether working on herself or clients and friends, Wilbur’s use of prosthetics and special-effects makeup makes for unique looks.

2. Lucifer Emanuele Petrini (@ashleyema)

  • Between covering his face in gummy bears to recreating Van Gogh’s Starry Night on his eyelids, Petrini’s creativity turns any face into a canvas. His experimental makeup and consistency in posting have grown his platform substantially, making his engagement rates as high as 13%.

3. Lauren Ward (@fx_freak)

  • With 40k followers on Instagram alone, Ward also has 346k followers on TikTok where she recreates makeup looks to TikTok’s biggest trends. Her platforms continue to grow, with nearly linear growth curves.

4. Julie Hassett (@juliehasit)

  • As a makeup artist on a huge variety of Hollywood film & TV sets, Julie Hassett has made a name for herself with her highly detailed and original body painting creations and SFX looks. The SFX-meets-beauty look she created for Ariana Grande last Halloween went viral, inspired by the classic "Eye of the Beholder"episode of the 1960's Horror TV hit, "The Twilight Zone".

5. Beatrice Sniper (@beasniper)

  • Beyond makeup artistry, Bea Sniper is also a prosthetics designer and body painter. Whether creating a scary-realistic reptile look or a fake human heart out of silicone, Bea’s spooky creations have proven her skill, boosting her Instagram following over the past few months.

6. Shantrinas (@shantrinas)

  • With an Etsy shop and Youtube channel, Shantrinas makeup artistry is just one of her many talents. More focused on Cosplay than special effects makeup, Shantrinas’ work is breathtaking, with no two looks ever being the same.

7. Fee Fromkin (@makeupbyfee)

  • Avant-garde Drag Artist Fromkin has gained over 4k followers in the past 6 months. Fromkin’s platform features high engagement rates and an eclectic combination of looks pushing the boundaries of drag and avant-garde makeup, often covering their body in paint, jewels, and various mediums.

8. Blonde Taki (@blondetaki)

  • Working consistently with brands like Colourpop, LimeCrime, and Milk Makeup, Blonde Taki’s account has grown by over 20K since the beginning of 2020. Ranging from Alien looks to others where she literally glues cigarettes to her face, Taki’s looks are like no one else’s online.

9. Cali Angel (@cali_angelsfx)

  • Incredibly talented at many forms of makeup, their focus this October seems to be on special effects makeup, including but not limited to wound makeup. Cali Angel’s gory FX looks are not for the faint of heart but are proof of their talent.

10. Lissypink10 (@lissypink10)

  • With looks as iconic as Ursula, Lissypink’s looks range from family-friendly Disney characters to bloody Halloween creations featuring illusions of her skin safety-pinned to itself.

11. Maritsa Moore (@makeupbymaritsa)

  • A published makeup artist with a large Instagram and Tiktok following, Maritsa’s growth and engagement rate are notably high, boosting her account’s numbers rapidly.

12. Ve Neill (@therealve)

  • Responsible for some of the most iconic looks of the last few decades in film, Neill has won Oscars for her work on Mrs. Doubtfire, Beetlejuice, and Ed Wood. If you’re interested in SFX in any way, Ve Neill is the perfect artist to follow with a consistently high engagement rate as well.

13. Ruby Mitchell (@rubymediamakeup)

  • Seen on multiple platforms, Ruby’s content as of late has featured classic Halloween makeup tutorials, ranging from an easy vampire to a gory Frankenstein look.

14. Donna (@caffeinateddreamer)

  • Between her art and her makeup artistry, Donna’s talent is outstanding. With the help of optical illusions, many of Donna’s makeup looks transform her face even allowing her to recreate cartoon characters.

15. Sophia Chasin (@oatmilkmakeup)

  • With her engagement rates regularly soaring above 15%, Chasin’s makeup looks this October range from classic horror film recreations to horrifying inventions of Halloween looks.

16. Mandie (@mandie.strangefx)

  • When she’s not creating horrifying makeup looks, Mandie also hosts the horror film podcast, “That Strange Show.”

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