14 Yoga instructors seeing spikes in social growth during Covid

National Stress Awareness day fell on November 4th this year; no matter what may be causing you anxiety right now, a great way to release stress is through Yoga and Mindfulness practices. Yoga has been a popular mental health tool for many during the pandemic, especially as classes are increasingly accessible through online classes and offerings.

Since Covid-19 has forced many yoga studios to close with an unknown timeline for reopening, many yoga instructors have pivoted to offer online courses, classes, and even E-books with a wealth of information on yoga. These instructors have experienced steady positive growth on their platforms since this, also boosting their number of brand partnerships.

We found these 14 Yoga instructors and influencers with high growth rates, engagement rates, and partnerships increasing brand awareness.

1. Emily Chen (@emchenyoga)

  • With online yoga classes and teacher training offerings, Chen’s account has grown by over 100% since March 2020. Beyond her audience growth, Chen also partners with companies including Headspace, DSW, Underarmour, and Dunkin Donuts.

2. Simona G Yoga (@simonagyoga)

  • Since May 2020, Simona’s profile has experienced steady growth, boosting her audience from 20k up to 114.8K. Offering online workshops and memberships as the owner of Spicy Asana, Simona’s programs are great resources for online practice.

3. Vytas Baskauskas (@vytasyoga)

  • Whether reaching his audience through exercise streaming services or his donation-based classes, the yogi’s reach is phenomenal. Through his various collaborations and extensive online presence, his growth rate has shot up to nearly 30%.

4. Phyllicia Bonanno (@phyllicia.bonanno)

  • Co-founder of Sisters of Yoga, a safe space for women of color to explore yoga and mindful living. Phyllicia has partnered with an extensive list of brands including Alo Yoga, Dunkin Donuts, and Ikea among others.

5. Katie (@thebritishyogagirl)

  • As a yoga instructor for online platform Equinox and her studio, Katie’s follower count has more than doubled since the Covid-19 pandemic began. From 4.2k followers on her platform to now 10.4k, Katie’s shift to online classes since the pandemic began has contributed to her recent spike in growth.

6. Janet Stone (@janetstoneyoga)

  • Global ambassador for Lululemon, Stone has developed multiple courses and online resources for yogis of all skill levels while developing partnerships with big yoga brands. Since 2020, her Instagram has grown from 38k followers to 42.4k.

7. Faith Hunter (@spirituallyfly)

  • Beyond her career as the owner of Embrace OM and Embrace Yoga DC, Hunter has been featured in multiple publications including Essence, Washington Post, Women’s Health, and Shape Magazine. Her list of brand partnerships is long, working with Tom’s of Maine, Weleda, and Mindbodygreen among others.

8. Jenny Clise (@jennyclise_)

  • NYC-based Yoga instructor, Clise has developed E-books on yoga began offering online classes through Zoom when Covid-19 began. She’s partnered with Athleta among other brands, and her growth rate since March 2020 has remained a steady 23%.

9. Jonah River Kest (@kestyoga)

  • Nike Yoga instructor, Kest’s profile has grown to nearly 150k since March 2020. Boasting brand partnership deals with Booking.com, Harmless Harvest, and YUNI Beauty, the yogi also produces online content and runs a Yoga Instructor training course.

10. Adriene Mishler (@fwfglife)

  • Yoga with Adriene on Youtube, Mishler is one of the best-known online yoga instructors offering free classes through her platforms. Though already a substantial platform before Covid-19, the move to online practice has made her resources even more popular, growing her profile by nearly 40K since March 2020.

11. Benjamin Sears (@benjamin.sears)

  • Featured in publications like The Yoga Journal, New York Times, and Vogue, Sears’ online offerings range from beginner classes to yoga instructor training. Since early 2020, Sears’ account has grown from 50k to nearly 60k.

12. Nicole Calhoun (@yogaelixir)

  • As a Lululemon and Garmin Ambassador, Calhoun has also partnered with brands such as Dan Wellington and Quay Sunglasses. Calhoun’s yoga knowledge ranges from teaching beginner-level courses to teacher training. Her steady growth from the beginning of 2020 was followed by a dramatic positive spike in June, overall growing her account by nearly 10K followers.

13. Eleonora Zampatti (@eleonorazampatti)

  • Body movement specialist, yoga instructor, author, and model, Eleonora is sponsored by Aloyoga, featured in their blogs and on their websites regularly. Her growth has remained steady since the beginning of 2020 and her brand partnerships include Alo Yoga, Lull, and Om Yoga & Lifestyle.

14. Vanessa Tikaani (@rootedinflowing)

  • Yoga Teacher and founder of Move With Love Yoga Sessions, Tikaani’s online classes, and courses promote her yoga teachings but also have an emphasis on self-love and body positivity. Sponsored by Alo Yoga, Tikaani has collaborated with brands such as Pranamat, Pinterest, and HelloYoga.

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