15 Bookstagrammers Helping Publishers & Retailers Boost Sales

Even with so much time being spent online these days, there's no shortage of consumers who love getting lost in a good book. Now that we can order audio books, e-books, and even good old fashioned paper books with just a few clicks, publishers are smartly looking to social media to help promote their latest releases.

Enter: Bookstagram.

Bookstagrammers (Books + Instagram = Bookstagrammers) are content creators known for their in-depth book reviews and unique feed aesthetics. The Bookstagram community is particularly creative and artistic with their content; they garner immense and loyal followings by staging beautiful photographs, often with a visual "theme". From leather-bound tomes & latte art to the biggest business blockbusters, Bookstagram has something for every type of consumer.

The popularity of "Bookstagram" has grown so much over the past couple of years that publishers are now regularly partnering with these influencers to create buzz and drive serious sales. Similarly, book-themed retail products and subscription boxes are acquiring new customers by partnering with bookstagrammers.

We compiled this list of 15 Bookstagrammers who are showing the highest rates of growth and potential for partnerships.

1. Kaity (@kaitsbookcase)

  • Boasting beautiful latte-art as well as beautiful books, Kaity posts a new read nearly every day. With each book comes her review, and her steady interactions with followers have led her to an engagement rate of over 17%.

2. Haya (@hayaisreading)

  • Sharing her books and her daily life on Instagram and Youtube, Haya’s posts have the perfect autumn ambiance while also highlighting amazing books.

3. Jen (@storybookstyle)

  • Each post adorned with a cup of tea and macarons, Jen’s whimsical Instagram feed has is equally beautiful as it is informative. With the collaboration of other bookstagrammers, Jen has most recently been running a “SBOOK’TACULAR” giveaway every Monday in October.

4. Danny Henriques (@thebookorder)

  • Not only sharing his love for books, Danny regularly collaborates on giveaways for his followers with other bookstagrammers. His platform continues to steadily grow, boasting partnerships with Dan Wellington and Redbubble.

5. Lisa Zou (@remarkablylisa)

  • From contemporary fiction to fantasy, Lisa reviews a wide array of romance novels on both Instagram and Youtube. She also regularly speaks out about Asian representation in entertainment, highlighting Asian authors and creatives.

6. Casey Rose Frank (@caseyrosereads)

  • Simultaneously a bookstagrammer and owner of Golden Bee Bookshop, Casey has a wide range of recommendations for any kind of reader. With color-coded bookshelves and an occasional bookstore-cat appearance, her posts are just as aesthetically pleasing as they are helpful.

7. Meredith Mara (@meredith.mara)

  • If her swoon-worthy rainbow bookcases aren’t enough to warrant a follow, Meredith’s regular engagement with her followers is. Her Instagram and blog are chock-full of book recommendations as well as multiple discount codes with different stores, including various subscription boxes.

8. Gabby Gibson (@_myfictionalworld)

  • If you want more than just book recommendations and reviews, Gabby also includes movies and TV on her platforms. With over 50K on both Instagram and Youtube, Gabby’s content puts an immediate smile on your face.

9. Deja (@cityofdeja)

  • Currently one of the hosts for Fortnight Frights Readathon, Deja has an Instagram and Youtube Channel featuring her current reads, genre recommendations, and even a bookshelf tour.

10. Lisa (@lifeinlit)

  • With each of her photos serving followers a cozy reading nook ambiance, Lisa’s book recommendations can be found on both her Instagram and personal blog. Frequent giveaways and engagement with her followers make Lisa a great follow.

11. Arpita Bhattacharya (@bagfullofbooks)

  • Simultaneously running her blog bagfullofbooks.com and writing book reviews, Arpita's posts primarily focus on classic literature. Beyond her steady growth and engagement rate, Arpita’s platform has featured brand partnerships with Dan Wellington and book publishers like Penguin India and Virago Press.

12. Christine Manzari (@xenatine)

  • An author, Manzari runs a steadily growing bookstagram account as well. With regular giveaways of new releases, her account is certainly one to follow if you’re looking for up-and-coming books.

13. Kristen (@myfriendsarefiction)

  • Co-owner of Storygram Tours, a company that organizes book tours through Instagram, Kristen’s company helps to promote new releases and increase their reach. Her Instagram account is great for all readers but specifically highlights YA books.

14. Lucy in The Sky Creations (@lucyintheskycreations)

  • Beyond her beautiful Instagram feed, Lucy also creates beautiful art for sale on her Etsy site. From art prints to bookmarks, much of her art is inspired by literature classics which are also the most featured books on her Instagram.

15. Emma (@mistyangelofsky)

  • With bookshelves full of cloth-bound books, Emma’s rare finds are equally beautiful as they are envy-inducing. Her most recent posts featuring Penguin’s Clothbound Classics just skims the surface of some of the beautiful book editions she has featured.

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