Top 15 Education Influencers Helping Brands Capitalize on Back To School Marketing

As the school year rapidly approaches for many students and teachers, brands are reaching out to influencers to promote back-to-school products. These education influencers have an incredible variety of follower count and niche categories- with pre-k to high school, brands can leverage influencers to connect with the right audiences.

Electronics, paper products, and even fashion are among the different brand categories these influencers collaborate with, providing great engagement and ROI for campaigns. We found these 15 education influencers working with a wide range of brands!

1. Krystal L. Smith (@the_renewed_teacher)

  • A fourth and fifth-grade math and social studies teacher, Krystal L. Smith’s following has grown into a micro-influencer size, almost edging into 10k followers. With over 3% growth on all platforms, Smith’s profile “The Renewed Teacher” is for educators and students alike. Sharing her favorite resources and ideas for teaching, Smith has engaged with brands such as Post-it, Microsoft, and Trendy Teacherz fashion.

2. Tyler Tarver (@tylertarver)

  • Creator of Tarver Academy, Tyler Tarver is a social media maven who has created a teaching empire online. With over 100k TikTok followers and almost 60k Youtube subscribers, Tarver has made video content work well across multiple platforms. Tarver’s influence is only likely to grow with a podcast and more educational content coming every day.

3. Alex John (@thekindergartenconnection)

  • Alex John is the influencer and Transitional Kindergarten teacher behind The Kindergarten Connection, John’s widely popular blog and social media platform. With almost 50k followers on Instagram, John’s following is growing at a 22% rate. Branded mentions feature partnerships with Learning Without Tears, Miracle-Gro, and Trendy Teacherz.

4. Vera Ahiyya (@thetututeacher)

  • Kindergarten teacher and author Vera Ahiyya’s platforms dubbed “The Tutu Teacher” have brought in partnerships with a wide variety of brands. Crayola, Michaels, and Kleenex are some of the long-term partnerships that Ahiyya has landed, bringing a potential reach as high as 277k on specific sponsored posts.

5. Theresa (@truelifeimateacher)

  • Education blogger behind “True Life I’m a Teacher,” Theresa is quickly approaching 60k followers on Instagram, having collaborated with Amazon, Michaels, and Erin Condren.

6. Rebekah Poe (@lessons_and_lattes)

  • Rebekah Poe is a special education teacher turned influencer, with just under 100k on her Instagram. Poe has partnered with a variety of brands including Cricut, Staples, Freshly, and VIP Kid.

7. Tell Williams (@mrwilliamsprek)

  • Tiktok and Instagram influencer, Tell Williams is a pre-k teacher whose following has exploded. Williams Instagram has grown at a rate of over 100% in the past 90 days and their TikTok has boomed past 1M. With sponsored posts on Instagram from Dollar Shave Club and Into the AM, Williams has also forayed into TikTok partnerships with Casetify.

8. Samantha Henry (@mrshenryinfirst)

  • At over 100k followers, Florida teacher Samantha Henry has worked with multiple brands in various ways. Her partnerships have included giveaways with Educational Insights, Amazon affiliate links, and collaborations with Homeschool Outdoor.

9. Kimicia Byrd (@pretty_in_primary)

  • Second-grade teacher and micro-influencer Kimicia Byrd focuses on sharing diverse books and resources on her Instagram. With just over 10k followers, Byrd has an incredible engagement rate of nearly 5%. With almost a new book every day, Byrd has brought awareness to some lesser-known books, authors, and illustrators with her posts.

10. Ben Landers (@thepespecialist)

  • Known by his blog “The PE Specialist,” Ben Landers is a Physical Education teacher, influencer, and resource creator for PE teachers. With 31.9K subscribers on Youtube and 17k on Twitter, all of Landers’ profiles are growing at a steady rate. Landers has an amazon storefront and has featured several other PE and education brands on his profiles.

11. Monica J. Sutton (@monicajsutton)

  • Monica J. Sutton is an early childhood educator and child behavior specialist. With over 32k Facebook followers at a growing rate of 96.46%, Sutton has landed partnerships with some great education brands. Blocks Rock!, Kid Made Modern, and Epic for Kids are just a few of the brands Sutton has worked with, featuring a variety of other categories as well.

12. Kathleen Ashley (@misscraftymathteacher)

  • Kathleen Ashley is a high school math teacher turned influencer. Kathleen has already worked with several brands, including Teacher Style Box, Cricut, and Office Depot. With almost 30k followers on Instagram and an average engagement rate of around 3%, Kathleen is not only an excellent resource for teachers but an excellent investment for influencer marketing campaigns.

13. Esther Brunat (@estherbrunat)

  • High school math teacher and self-dubbed “Gen Z pop culture specialist,” Esther Brunat’s funny personality shines through her social media, connecting with students and teachers alike. Brunat has partnered with Rosetta Stone, Republic Services, and Texas Instruments.

14. Gerry Brooks (@gerrybooksprin)

  • Gerry brooks is a veteran educator with over 20 years of experience as both a teacher and administrator. Brooks has a wide variety of motivational and educational content on his profiles, featuring brand deals with Google Home, Amazon, and Michaels.

15. Meghan Mayer (@thecrazycreativeteacher)

  • A middle school teacher based in Florida, Meghan Mayer has amassed over 800k on Tiktok and continues to grow on all platforms. Mayer has 25 brand deals on her page, featuring partnerships with Walmart, Vera Bradley, and Microsoft.

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