14 Mom Influencers to Follow

It’s always a good time to thank those in your life who have been a “Mom” in any sense of the word. Whether offering a helping hand, shoulder to cry on, or sound advice, Moms seem to have a way of doing it all.

Though we can’t package all the motherly knowledge in the world and tie it in a neat bow, motherhood does not have to come with as many questions as it used to. Mommy bloggers, influencers, and parenting accounts are yet another niche category of influencer marketing making big waves on social media. Sharing their own experiences and literal ‘growing pains’ of motherhood, “Mom-fluencers” are a powerful group of influencers, typically ranging in the mid-tier to macro-influencer following count.

We found these 14 Mom-fluencers to follow this mother’s day.

1. Jamilla & Que (@jamillaandque)

  • Take one look at Jamilla and Que’s social media and it’s clear to see the two are masters at reaching their audience. With just under 20k on Instagram and 38k on Youtube, the young couple’s growth will only increase with their strategies. Partnerships with brands such as Pampers, EveryPlate, and local Atlanta spots such as The Ponce City Market. These collaborations show the wide range of opportunities a micro-influencer might have to boost brand engagement and likes seen in both big brands and more localized places.

2. Diana Saldana (@dianasaldana)

  • Though her Instagram has experienced a slight decline in follower growth in recent months, mom and family blogger Diana Saldana’s social media strength is in her Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok. Saldana’s youtube videos average 40k+ view counts, and her content is full of sponsorships and brand collaborations. We found 360 sponsored mentions and over 3k organic brand mentions, both of which help display Saldana’s success with influencer brand relationships.

3. Destiny Thompson (@dthompsy)

  • Family and fashion influencer Destiny Thompson’s most recent growth spurt on Instagram is the result of brand partnerships, seen in the lack of change on Thompson’s mentions except for a spike of 14 mentions from brands on April 27th. As her Facebook experiences growth in page likes, expect to see the rest of her profiles steadily grow.

4. Team2Moms (@team2moms)

  • Run by moms Ebony and Denise, the couple’s platform shares family-friendly videos of their three children and their work as LGBTQ+ and diversity advocates. Their account growth features collaborations from H&M, Johnson’s Baby, Campbell’s Soup, and even Netflix. With over 220k Instagram followers, their content is spread evenly between IG Reels, Stories, IGTV, and regular posts. Their versatility as content creators helps to ensure that their following does not lose its’ high engagement rate as it grows in size.

5. Carissa Nunez (@carissa_nunez)

  • DIY blogger and mother of 2, Carissa navigates her young family through moving, renovations, and, most recently, cleaning. Nunez switched her personal Youtube channel to a cleaning channel, and the decision has ultimately landed her almost 150k followers compared to her personal channel’s 93k followers. With her growth continuing, her list of mentions has grown to include Kroger, Cheerios, and Home Depot.

6. With Love Kellie (@withlovekellie)

  • Though Kellie’s account features regular collaborations with brands on her Instagram, she also trends towards using discount codes. Thrive Market, Treehouse Schoolhouse, and other homeschool resources like 4WeekstoRead are just some of the brands featured in Kellie’s collabs. Kellie homeschools all four of her children, making her profile a perfect resource for anyone wanting to learn more about the realities of homeschooling.

7. Vada Stevens (@vadastevens)

  • With nearly 400k TikTok followers, the North Carolina-based family blogger’s IG audience of 20k has seen continued growth recently. Stevens’ content on both platforms is geared towards young families, motherhood, and fashion. At almost 400 individual mentions, Stevens’ micro-influencer-sized audience makes for a high engagement rate and high audience trust.

8. Emily Wondree (@emilywondree)

  • With a growth spike of over 10k since January 2021, Emily Wondree’s Instagram is full of great content for mothers and families. Sponsored mentions with Walmart, Kraft, and CVS are perfect for Wonder’s audience of 39.5k as these larger brands benefit from the highly engaged audiences of a mid-tier influencer.

9. Cher Hubsher (@cherhubsher)

  • Though reality star, influencer, and mom blogger, Cher Hubsher has a steady growth rate on all her platforms with her Facebook growth being a standout. Doubling over the past six months, Hubsher’s Facebook features tons of family content and brand partnerships.

10. Sandi Glandt (@sandiglandt)

  • Productivity coach, author, and lifestyle influencer Sandi Glandt specializes in helping moms. Jumping from 20k in early March 2021 to 90k by the beginning of May, Glandt’s steady engagement rate of 4% has continued even with her follower growth.

11. Jas (@oneflymama)

  • Since January 1st, Jas Camble’s Instagram has more than tripled in numbers. Sharing her family, travels, and fun recipes, Jas’s content has engagement rates as high as 7% on most posts. With a micro-influencer-sized following, Jas has an excellent platform for increasing audience engagement on her brand sponsorships. Some of her past collaborations include Beautycounter, Amazon, and Getaway.

12. Jyoti Chand (@mamajotes)

  • Writer, author, and entrepreneur, Jyoti Chand has a massive spread of content for mothers and all women. Along with her own social media presence, Chand is the editor of The Chai Girls, an Instagram dedicated to inspiring South Asian women. Chand’s collaborations include Soma Ayurvedic, Pixie Mood, and Amazon.

13. Ariel Stephanie (@the_arielb)

  • It’s no surprise that Ariel Stephanie’s Instagram account is experiencing insane growth at the moment- her engagement is at a steady 10%. Stephanie’s regular social media activity, including that on her Youtube and TikTok, have also boosted reach and gotten her in front of bigger audiences. As a motherhood blogger, family law activist, and divorced mom, Stephanie’s content encourages female empowerment through motherhood and family.

14. Dr. Miriam Knoll (@dr.mimi.k)

  • Radiation Oncologist, Mom, and much more, Dr. Miriam Knoll is constantly expanding on her maternal health knowledge and is a mentor to working moms. Beyond appearances on panels, podcasts, and in Forbes, Knoll’s reach has developed with her Instagram growth, doubling her following since January 2021.

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