24 Top International Travel Influencers to Follow in 2021 Based on Social Data

While travel has certainly changed over the last year, brands have been increasingly creative in their marketing strategy. Influencer marketing has been a significant aid in promoting travel destinations and services, providing great ROI!

Whether traveling within their country or jet-setting across the globe, we found these 24 international travel influencers helping vacation rentals and services. Keep reading!

1. Emily Jones (@ohyeahem)

  • Based out of Orlando, Florida, Emily Jones’ platform features tons of travel content, including partnerships with VRBO, Marriott Anaheim, and Disney. Jones is a Disney regular, partnering with the brand and its’ theme parks for long-term partnerships and promoting travel to the Orlando area.

2. Milly Kenny-Riley (@millykr)

  • Food and travel writer/photographer Milly Kenny-Riley has become the UK travel expert. Whether audiences want to learn more about international travel or just travel within the UK, Kenny-Riley has a travel book on each subject. Travel partnerships include Airbnb, Air France, and Taste of London, among 15 others.

3. Chris Fynes (@wethefoodsnobs)

  • Based in Sydney, Australia, Chris Fynes is not only a travel influencer but a photographer, videographer- it’s no surprise his social is full of high-quality images and videos for brand partnerships. We found that Fynes has partnered with Airbnb, Destination NSW, Park Hyatt, and even the Sydney Opera House- all brands or destinations in the Travel category.

4. Amber Mamian (@global_munchkins)

  • Known for her travel blog “Global Munchkins,” Amber Mamian shares her worldly and cost-effective travel tips with five kids. Mamian began traveling with her family in 2010 and has mastered the art of savvy travel. With over 1K sponsored mentions, Mamian has collaborated with travel brands Expedia, Visit California, Holland Cruises, and 50+ more.

5. The Curly Coopers (@thecurlycoopers)

  • Run by mom Duana Cooper, The Curly Coopers are a family sharing their daily life and more in vlogs and on every other platform. They have still solidified three partnerships with VRBO. These posts have engagement rates approaching 4%, showing the versatility of travel influencer marketing. Cooper’s account has a growth rate of 48% on Instagram currently, and with over 120k followers on their Youtube, the family’s growth shows no signs of slowing.

6. Jesse Coulter (@jessecoulter)

  • Jesse Coulter is a lifestyle and family blogger based in Austin, TX but her travels include all over the US. Partnerships with VRBO, Fairmont Hotels, and even Texas waterpark Schlitterbahn. Coulter’s engagement on these partnerships hovers above 2% and will likely increase with her positive growth rate.

7. Paco Nadal (@paconadal)

  • Madrid-based explorer and travel influencer Paco Nadal’s Instagram and Twitter are hotspots for adventure travelers and adventure/travel brands. Featuring VRBO and Vueling airlines, Nadal has partnered with both brands on his Twitter. Nadal’s multi-platform presence helps to reach different audiences and extends his content to new eyes.

8. Chelsea Dickenson (@cheapholidayexp)

  • Known more popularly by her handle “Cheap Travel Expert,” Chelsea Dickenson’s love for travel has helped countless others learn to travel on a budget. Dickenson’s growth rate of 30% on Instagram is as impressive as her consistent engagement rate of 6%. Partnering with Airbnb is only the beginning as Dickenson gains followers and subscribers on her Youtube.

9. Marion Bernard & Maxime Vallée (@noscurieuxvoyageurs)

-Marion and Maxime of Nos Curieux Voyageurs are french travel bloggers, reaching almost 100k on Instagram. The couple has partnered with Airbnb twice over the past few months, reaching 3-4% engagement rates on each post. With regular travel giveaways with other brands on their account, the couple has rates as high as 13%.

10. Ashlyn George (@thelostgirlsguide)

  • Founder of “The Lost Girls’ Guide,” Ashlyn George’s Instagram has grown beyond 30k followers, her other social media profiles not far behind. George is a Saskatchewan-based influencer and adventure traveler with a penchant for extreme activities. The daredevil has partnered with numerous travel destinations, including Explore Canada, Airbnb, and Banff & Lake Louis Tourism, among 20+ others.

11. Alex Zouaghi (@a_ontheroad)

  • London-based travel and lifestyle blogger Alex Zouaghi has brought incredible engagement and attention to the brands he has established partnerships with. Zouaghi has partnered with many destinations and hotels, including Majestic Aberdeenshire, Airbnb, Penta Hotels, and The Pilgrim Hotel. These most recent partnerships have potential reaches of over 250k.

12. Lean Timms (@leantimms)

  • Lean Timms is a photographer and travel influencer, her profile rapidly approaching 50k followers. Timms has partnered with Airbnb nine times, partnering with travel destinations the Faroe Islands and Copenhagen Tourism. With photo engagement as high as 6%, Timms’ content will help boost any travel brand.

13. Clo & Clem (@cloetclem)

  • Travelling all over Europe and Asia in their van, couple Clo & Clem have turned their travel adventures into a popular blog and social media pages. The couple is from France originally and has partnered with several travel brands since their journey began over five years ago. These collaborations include Airbnb, Tour France, Lonely Planet, and Explore France, all with a potential reach of over 55k.

14. Claudia Padgett (@zeebalife)

  • Claudia Padgett is a luxury travel creator based in Dubai. Padgett has worked with Baha Mar Resorts, Airbnb, and Tulum, Mexico Travel Guide within the travel category. These are just a few of Padgett’s many partnerships on her platform, but narrowing it down by category shows Padgett has worked with various categorized brands.

15. Richard Lee Massey (@richardleemassey)

  • Richard Lee Massey is an influencer and founder of APT dining experiences. Massey is based in London, but travel destinations include a partnership with Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and Taste of London. Massey has also partnered with Airbnb since 2016, with six partnerships in the years since. These posts also have a potential reach of over 75k.

16. May Pham (@mayandtravel)

  • May Pham is a travel blogger featuring her journey of Van Life with her husband. Since transitioning their van into a camper in the past few months, the couple has partnered with multiple brands to promote remote living. Specifically, Pham recently partnered with Airbnb to promote their remote living contest, bringing in a 4% engagement rate on these promos.

17. Gareth Leonard (@traveldeeper)

  • With a steady growth rate on all platforms, Travel influencer Gareth Leonard is always sharing a new travel tip or destination. Hawaii, Big Bend National Park, and VRBO are a few of the partners Leonard has highlighted on his social, bringing a reach of 88k on his latest collaborations. Leonard also has a significant Youtube following approaching 450k, his most popular video reaching 600k views.

18. Ruth Mendes (@havekiddoswilltravel)

  • Ruth Mendes is a family and travel micro-influencer. Despite her 2.4k following, Mendes has already established several significant brand partnerships with travel brands. Shenandoah National Park, Vrbo, and Sunday River are a few of the travel brands and destinations Mendes has collaborated with, bringing in 4-5% engagement rates.

19. Renee Hanel (@reneeroaming)

  • It’s safe to say that Renee Hanel is a US travel expert- the Seattle-based travel influencer has even written a book sharing her expertise called “Roaming America.” Hanel has grown her platform to over 600k and included several brand partnerships along the way. Uber, Vrbo, Springhill Suites, and Reno Tahoe are some of the multiple brands Hanel has highlighted, reaching almost 500k viewers with many of them.

20. The Bucket List Family (@thebucketlistfamily)

  • Following Derek and Jessica Gee, The Bucket List family is the couple’s travel journalism blog and social profiles sharing all of their travels. The family of 5 is currently posting from Zimbabwe, but their location frequently changes, highlighting numerous great destinations. Working with travel brands such as Airbnb, Disney Aulani Resorts, and Norwegian Air, the family has established multiple long-term partnerships that continue to have over 2M in potential reach.

21. Becky van Dijk (@beckyvandijk)

  • Co-founder of We Are Travel Girls, Becky van Dijk has amassed almost 100k followers as a travel influencer. Van Dijk has partnered with Travel + Leisure, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Luxury Retreats, among multiple other brands.

22. Daniel Keating (@daniel_keating)

  • With an impressive growth rate of over 12% at the moment, Daniel Keating’s platform will likely soon surpass 40k. Keating is a photographer, adventurer, and travel influencer with photos that will make anyone envious of his travels. Working with Vrbo, Southwest Airlines, and Lonely Planet, Keating has established long-term partnerships with a wide variety of brands and brought engagement as high as 13%.

23. Nina Tekwani (@tekwani)

  • Nina Tekwani is a creator in Phoenix, AZ, covering lifestyle, fashion, and travel topics. Tekwani has partnered with several travel brands like Delta, Jetsetter, and Forbes Travel Guide, steadily bringing in over 150k impressions. With these metrics, Tekwani’s audience of 125k is highly engaged and sharing her content.

24. Dana Berez (@danaberez)

  • Dana Berez has scaled her platform to 119k, drawing in significant brand partnerships and one specifically catered to travel. Vrbo, Booking.com, and Las Vegas are a few of the travel brands Berez has featured, bringing in 5% engagement rates. Berez also has a successful Youtube platform, with her highest viewed videos reaching 132k.

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