10 Shark Tank Winners Using Social Media to Grow Their Businesses

Since its’ debut in 2009, ABC’s business reality show Shark Tank has dominated the prime-time ratings and won multiple awards over a 10-year run. The show has been a launching pad for popular brands and quirky inventions, judged by a panel of investors, or “sharks.”

Of the over 200 companies that have been given a chance by the sharks, an investment isn’t always enough to become a household name. With the help of social media though, many of these companies have expanded their platforms and audiences, partnering with influencers as well.

1. Aquapaw (@therealaquapaw)

  • After inventing the Aquapaw pet bathing tool, the brand has consistently developed products to help pet owners make bathtime easier. With the use of influencer marketing, the brand has tapped into a unique group of influencers- dogs! Frequent partnerships with dog-fluencers feature engagement rates as high as 9% on sponsored posts.

2. CurlMix (@curlmix)

  • Clean beauty brand for curly hair, CurlMix’s Instagram has exploded this year with a growth increase of nearly 50%. By regularly working with influencers, the company has a high engagement rate on all types of posts, likely contributing to their phenomenal growth.

3. Everlywell (@everlywell)

  • Specializing in at-home lab testing, Everlywell brings healthcare directly to your home. Through influencer marketing, many of their featured sponsored posts have a reach of over 100,000, increasing brand awareness shown in their steady growth rate.

4. PhoneSoap (@phonesoap)

  • Offering UV-C phone sanitizers and chargers, PhoneSoap’s regular partnerships with influencers and increased engagement have helped its platform more than double since the beginning of 2020.

5. Red Dress (@shopreddress)

  • Georgia-based boutique Red Dress shot to popularity when it was on Shark Tank’s 6th season. The boutique’s brand awareness is bolstered by over 700 sponsored posts, reflected in their 17% growth rate to 600k followers in the past year.

6. Ring (@ring)

  • As one of the top-selling home security brands, Ring is constantly developing more products to ensure safety and security in people’s homes. The brand has utilized influencer marketing well, featuring sponsored posts by a wealth of influencers and even celebrities such as Shaquille O’Neal and Musicians Us The Duo.

7. Delighted By Desserts (@delightedbydesserts)

  • Vegan and gluten-free dessert developers, Delighted By gained renowned brand awareness with its original chocolate dessert hummus. The company has expanded since they were featured on Shark Tank in the ninth season. Through sponsored collaborations with lifestyle, family, and health influencers, the brand has maintained a steady growth and engagement rate for the last year.

8. Squatty Potty (@squattypotty)

  • Inventor of toilet stools and other bathroom products, Squatty Potty has utilized social media influencers positively, featuring posts by a range of influencers. Squatty Potty’s Instagram engagement rates and growth rates have been steadily increasing since January 2020.

9. The Comfy (@thecomfy)

  • The wearable blanket that has taken quarantine by storm, The Comfy’s platform has grown by nearly 100% since January 2020. Between their high engagement rate with audiences and influencer partnerships from the likes of Thomas Rhett and Jojo Siwa, their growth may only be beginning.

10. Me & The Bees Lemonade (@mikailasbees)

  • Fresh- squeezed Lemonade made with wildflower honey, the brand has had a 37% increase since January 2020. Developed by 16-year-old Mikaila Ulmer, the brand works in tandem with Healthy Hive Foundation, Ulmer’s nonprofit advocating for saving the honey bees. With the help of influencer marketing and consistent engagement with audiences, the brand has increased awareness and grows at a rate of nearly 10%.

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