Financial Influencers Teaching Followers How to Create Wealth

Even if you’re not eager to day trade on the stock market just yet, becoming financially literate has never been easier with the help of finance influencers. Finance influencers are the latest influencer sub-group boosting brands through partnerships. Not only are they sharing their knowledge of wealth management or stocks, but many of them are joining their followers in the journey to becoming financially free and documenting their experience along the way.

As these creators continue to gain virality on social media, the frequency of branded partnerships has increased. From banks to internet software, an incredible variety of brands have partnered with finance influencers, bringing in high engagement and reach. We found these financial influencers partnering with various brands and educating their followers!

1. Steve Chen (@calltoleap)

  • Steve Chen is a social media influencer providing followers with financial education through his platforms. With over 202k followers on Instagram and almost 900k on TikTok, all of Chen’s platforms are in a period of steady growth. Chen provides quality content for followers looking to learn more about finances and partnered with Intel, Capital One, and Webex on Instagram and TikTok campaigns.

2. Tiffany Aliche (@thebudgetnista)

  • Also known as “The Budgetnista,” Tiffany Aliche is a powerhouse in the personal finance influencer space- she’s a New York Times Bestseller (Get Good with Money), NAACP Image Award Nominee, and the first Black woman to grace the cover of Money Magazine solo. Aliche has 500k on both her Instagram and Facebook pages, with over 50k on Youtube and Twitter. With almost 150 sponsored partnerships on her accounts, some brands featured heavily are Credit Sesame, Prudential, Mastercard, and Paypal.

3. Cindy Zuniga-Sanchez (@zerobasedbudget)

  • Financial coach, speaker, educator, and lawyer Cindy Zuniga-Sanchez began solidifying her place as an influencer when she started her account to share how she would be paying off $215k in debt in 2 years. Sharing her journey helped her account grow with authentic, loyal followers. Zuniga-Sanchez has grown to a following of over 50k on Instagram, leveraging this platform to work with Turbotax on a giveaway and partnership during tax season.

4. Anthony O’Neal (@anthonyoneal)

  • Host of popular Youtube series and podcast “The Table,” Anthony O’Neal is a #1 national bestselling author, speaker, financial expert, and now, influencer. O’Neal has leveraged his platforms to partner with brands Amazon and Ramsey Money Solutions.

5. Andrea Woroch (@andreaworoch)

  • Money and media expert Andrea Woroch’s platform is all about helping moms take control of their financial future. Featuring free resources online, Woroch has landed her on Good Morning America and The Today Show. Woroch has partnered with Goldman Sachs, Capital One Stories, and Reader’s Digest on Instagram and Twitter.

6. Humphrey Yang (@humphreytalks)

  • With nearly 400k following his Instagram, Finance influencer (and former financial advisor) Yang has a whopping 2.3M on TikTok. On TikTok, Yang has partnered with Hulu and Venmo, bringing in 81 shares on the Hulu post and 123 on his Venmo ad. These granular metrics allow us to see the potential ROI of Yang’s posts as shares indicate that followers might be interested in products.

7. Paula Pant (@paulapant)

  • The blogger behind “Afford Anything,” Paula Pant has shared her knowledge of finance through multiple social platforms as well as the popular podcast “Build a Better Life.” Pant has partnered with her platforms and podcast to work with LendingClub Bank, Rothy’s, and NetSuite, among others.

8. Tonya Rapley-Flash (@myfabfinance)

  • Tonya Rapley-Flash is the influencer and financial guru behind “My Fab Finance,” financial education and lifestyle blog for millennials. Rapley-Flash has partnered with State Farm Insurance, Enterprise, Amazon, and Invisalign. Her partnerships have brought in a reach as high as 564k against a following of only 193k.

9. Sarah Wilson (@gobudgetgirl)

  • Blogger and financial educator Sarah Wilson has grown her platforms and blog “Budget Girl” to over 50k followers on Instagram and 93k on Youtube. Wilson has partnered with XTRA Laundry Detergent, The Financial Diet, and FinCon.

10. Tai & Talaat McNeely (@hisandhermoney)

  • Through their wildly popular blog and social platforms, including 65k Instagram followers and 9k Twitter followers, Tai & Talaat McNeely are teaching followers to stop the cycle of debt and build generational wealth. The McNeely’s have partnered with MassMutual, Feeding America, Wells Fargo, and Capital One, among other partnerships.

11. Leo Jean-Louis (@leo.jeanlouis)

  • The Millenial Debt Freedom Coach, Leo Jean-Louis has helped over 1K followers become debt-free with his platform. At now almost 50k on Instagram with a growth rate of 11%, Jean-Louis has partnered with Venmo, Fidelity Investments, and Hicapitalize, among other brands.

12. Erin Lowry (@brokemillennialblog)

  • Erin Lowry is the influencer behind Broke Millenial, where she shares tips to make money easier for followers. Appearing on Rachel Ray, BBC News, and the New York Times, Lowry partnered with brands TDBank, Citizens Bank, and Discover. With a reach on sponsored posts of 80k against her 46.3k, Lowry has a far reach and likely high ROI for brand partners.

13. Jully-Alma Taveras (@investinglatina)

  • Jully-Alma Taveras is the founder of Investing Latina and its subsequent workshop educating Latinx followers about finances. Taveras has partnered with The Financial Diet, ACorns, Nasdaq, and Bankrate, featuring an engagement rate on these posts of 4%.

14. Haley Sacks (@mrsdowjones)

  • Founded by Haley Sacks, Mrs. Dow Jones is the financial lifestyle brand breaking down Wall Street, lifestyle & money using humor, and pop culture. Sacks has almost 15k subscribers on Youtube, with her videos reaching as high as 43k views. With a reach of over 200k on partnership posts, past brand collabs feature Clarins, Turbotax, and eToro.

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