Body Positivity & Neutrality Influencers

With all the benefits of social media, it can be negatively impactful on one’s self-image. Even now influencers and celebrities alike are being called out for photoshopping their bodies. Luckily there are tons of influencers rejecting these practices and promoting body positivity and/or body neutrality.

While many social media users have heard the term ‘body positivity’ before, a newer movement has been encouraged as of recent- ‘body neutrality’. Body neutrality is being turned to more frequently because unlike body positivity, it does not focus on physical features whatsoever; “Body neutrality prioritizes the body’s function, and what the body can do, rather than its appearance.”

Influencers championing the body positive and body neutrality movements have cropped up on all social media platforms. Though these influencers are focused on inspiring their followers, they also manage to pack a punch in influencer marketing campaigns, featuring engagement rates from 7-10%.

Using keyword, engagement, and affinity searches, we found these 15 influencers inspiring body positivity with incredibly engaging content.

1. Jessamyn Stanley (@mynameisjessamyn)

  • Founder and Yoga Teacher at The Underbelly Yoga Studio, Jessamyn Stanley has quickly made a name for herself online. Featured on the cover of Cosmopolitan UK, The Yoga Journal, and countless other publications, Stanley has several major brand partnerships under her belt. With just 150 branded mentions, Stanley’s sponsors include U by Kotex, Lane Bryant, Target, and multiple others. Her brand mentions clock in nearly 500k potential reach with every post.

2. Kenny Ethan Jones (@kennyethanjones)

  • Model, activist, and entrepreneur, Kenny Ethan Jones was launched into the social media spotlight after leading Pink Parcel’s I’M ON campaign, making history as the first trans man to front a period campaign. Ethan Jones’ has not only become an activist but an influencer for many brands, even advertising his influencer marketing on his website. Jones guarantees that his sponsored “content is relatable whilst remaining true to what the product/service is,” but we've gained even more insight into how effective his influencer campaigns have been! With campaigns from brands such as GymShark, Durex, and period care brands Natracare and Freda, Jones’ 100k+ follower count and average engagement rate of 7% translate to a potential reach on these campaigns of 80-90k.

3. Tiffany Ima (@tiffanyima)

  • After overcoming an on-off battle with eating disorders for over 15 years, Tiffany Ima took all she’s learned and is sharing it on her pages. Ima’s Instagram is full of infographics, inspiring quotes, and stories from her own experiences, culminating in a very supportive community of followers. As her account has grown to over 100k followers in the last year, Ima’s brand sponsorships have followed this growth, and she’s partnered with Thinx, DivaCup, and Fitbit among multiple other fitness and health brands.

4. Simone Mariposa (@simonemariposa)

  • As an actress, influencer, doula, and activist, Simone Mariposa’s platform continues to grow thanks to her inspirational presence and outspoken activism. Her presence has landed her a role as one of FashionNova’s Curve Ambassadors where she has made over 100 sponsored posts about the brand. Mariposa’s most recent branded partnerships include Walgreens, Tula Skincare, and TORRID Fashion. Multiple of these brands are featured in long-term partnerships on Mariposa’s platform, driving up their brand awareness and reach.

5. Brianna McDonnell (@the_b_word)

  • Inspired by her mission to make fat-positive media that changes the visibility of different body types, Brianna McDonnell’s work as a content creator, influencer, and actress all keeps her mission at the center of what she does. Creator of fashion blog The B Word, McDonnell’s brand has grown to more than just a blog, hosting interactive fashion events and every August, a month-long social media challenge promoting self-love. This challenge, titled #BEInYourSkin offers ways from both McDonnell’s blog and social media to help build self-esteem and body confidence from within. Each August McDonnel’s social media has experienced spikes in mentions, engagement, and growth.

6. Alex LaRosa (@missalexlarosa)

  • Considering her roles as an international model, body-positive activist, and inventor of #VisiblyPlusSize, Alex LaRosa’s social media is the perfect place for these efforts to meet. Her sponsored mentions feature a laundry list of brands from Lane Bryant to Malibu Rum, recent posts featuring collabs gathering as high as 7k in engagements.

7. Kelvin Davis (@kelvindavis)

  • Founder of Notoriously Dapper, Kelvin Davis has turned his body-positive fashion blog into a social media empire and an award-winning novel. Davis’ blog and social media display daily looks to inspire all men to embrace who they are. From curated fashion brands like Stitch Fix Men to bigger brands such as JCPenney, Davis has partnered with several brands, providing great ROI with a potential reach as high as 300,000 on many of these posts.

8. Marquis Neal (@marquimode)

  • Model, activist, and influencer Marquis Neal has managed a steady pattern of partnerships with brands in recent months. Brands such as Overtone, Reebok, and Amazon Fashion have repeatedly sponsored Neal’s posts, regularly receiving an engagement rate of around 3-4%. With a recent modeling campaign in Target, Neal’s growth and frequent brand partnerships will likely continue.

9. Izzie Rodgers (@izzierodgers)

  • Acne positivity and mental health advocate Izzie Rodgers outwardly shares her journey with acne and self-love on her platforms. With over 100k followers, it’s impressive to see an engagement rate as high as 8% on Rodgers’ page. It makes sense that most of Rodgers’ brand partnerships are skincare lines including but not limited to ZitSticka, Frank Beauty, and The Isle of Paradise.

10. Devin-Norelle (@steroidbeyonce)

  • Devin-Norelle is not only a professional model and trans advocate, but a media figure, public speaker, and even opinion writer as well. Ze has most recently featured sponsored content on Instagram from Zales, L., and The Phluid Project. With writing in publications such as Teen Vogue, GQ, Allure, and Out Magazine, Norelle’s reach will only continue to grow.

11. Constanza Concha (@skinnoshame)

  • Offering body realness and OCD awareness, Cotty primarily shares her experiences with severe acne from a young age, ultimately encouraging others to embrace the imperfections in their skin. Concha has partnered with multiple skincare brands including ZitSkicka, The Acne Channel, and Tata Harper.

12. Mik Zazon (@mikzazon)

  • Writer, speaker, and content creator Mik Zazon is on a mission to #normalizeNormalBodies, popularizing the hashtag itself. Zazon has built a community around her blog and social media spaces, bringing women together to not only educate them on health and fitness but also provide a safe space for body positivity. As her social presence has grown, Zazon has released a clothing line and self-love retreats for her followers to join her. Still considering her brand presence, Zazon has partnered with brands SavagexFenty, Good American, and Brooklinen.

13. Beth Rylaarsdam (@curvygirlbeth)

  • Curvy fashion model and speaker, Beth Rylaarsdam is an advocate for acceptance, body positivity, and lipedema awareness. Rylaarsdam’s Instagram account has grown by 3% in the past 90 days and this growth has shown steady engagement of 3.3% as well. With regular Instagram TV and Instagram Live workouts, Beth has featured sponsors as her workout clothes including Halara, BuffBunny, and TORRID Clothing.

14. Sylvia Mac (@love_disfigure)

  • Burn survivor and body diversity advocate Sylvia Mac has been an advocate for many years, even picketing Victoria’s Secret’s lack of diversity in 2018 which has landed her in multiple papers since. Mac has partnered with brands such as NUNUDE and Non Airbrushed Me and been featured in different publications like Health Magazine and Positive News.

15. Mindy Colette (@mish_mindy)

  • Balancing her time between being an actress, influencer, and model, Mindy Colette’s Instagram features over 370 sponsored posts with a wide range of brands. As a Fashion Nova Ambassador Colette regularly partners with both Fashion Nova and Fashion Nova Curve, all the while continuing partnerships with brands Fabletics and Curvy Couture Intimates.

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