Health and Wellness Brands Thriving with Influencer Marketing

With 2022 coming soon, the new year always brings the conversation about resolutions, health goals, and general reflection by all. As consumers prepare for the holidays, health and wellness brands are preparing for new year health kicks by promoting their products through influencers!

Health and Wellness brands are long-time adopters of ‘influencers’ but in a very different way from how we know them today. What used to be strictly celebrity endorsements has now morphed into a diverse group of influencers collaborating with many of these brands.

These are 10 health and/or wellness brands using influencers to grow their reach and spread healthy lifestyle awareness.

1. Nutrisystem (@nutrisystem)

  • The long-time health food and meal replacement company has been working with influencers since 2013.

Though their engagement was minuscule compared to the numbers influencers are reaching now, the brand has stuck with and expanded its influencer collaboration ever since.

2. Hello Fresh (@hellofresh)

  • The meal-kit company has seen steady growth on all of its’ platforms since 2017- no surprise here as the brand has also had a robust influencer marketing strategy with over 3.3k partnerships marked across all platforms. These influencer posts have marked reach on TikTok as high as 3.3M.

3. Jenny Craig (@jennycraigofficial)

  • The long-time weight loss program has reinvigorated its’ marketing with the help of influencers. With a mixture of one-time partnerships and long-term campaigns, the brand has collaborated on 851 sponsored mentions, bringing in over 120k engagements.

4. WHOOP (@whoop)

  • The personalized digital fitness and health coaching device Whoop has made waves in the digital health scene. Growing steadily on all platforms, Whoop has partnered with many professional athletes and health-conscious creators to increase their brand awareness. With an engagement rate as high as 5% from influencer posts, the brand’s .6% engagement rate pales in comparison.

5. HUM Nutrition (@humnutrition)

  • At over 250 sponsored mentions, beauty nutrition company HUM has partnered with big and small influencers alike, enlisting the help of celebrities in some cases. Between actress Emma Roberts and non-celebrities with testimonials from the brand, HUM has cast a large net of potential customers with their influencer partnerships.

6. NOOM (@noom)

  • The nutrition app with a mission to change users’ relationship with healthy food, Noom has nearly 200 sponsored mentions from influencers. As the brand began more frequent partnerships around April 2021, its growth rate also spiked around the same time.

7. Athletic Greens (@athleticgreens)

  • The once-a-day essential nutrient drink Athletic Greens has taken over the supplement world recently. Coinciding with a spike in influencer collaboration around March 2021, the brand experienced significant growth that has proven to continue steadily.

8. Tonal (@tonal)

  • At almost 500 sponsored posts, Tonal’s sponsorships’ average engagement rates range from 1.1-2.6%, blowing their .3% brand engagement rate out of the water.

9. Oura (@ouraring)

  • Oura is a digital fitness ring that helps improve sleep and overall performance for users. Sponsored mentions from athletes, electronics influencers, and lifestyle influencers have all boosted the brand over recent months, increasing its growth rate to 28%.

10. WW (@WW)

  • Formerly known as Weight Watchers, WW has been working with influencers of scale for years with Oprah being one of the most influential advocates. On social media, the brand has almost 5k sponsored mentions from influencers of all audience sizes. Working with influencers on all platforms has also helped the brand broaden its reach and engagement.

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