25 Outdoor Influencers

Whether you own an outdoor brand or outdoor activity company, you need to know the benefits influencers can afford you. Since the last year forced many of us inside, influencers have been a great marketing tactic for outdoor brands to turn to, giving them pinpoint accuracy in targeting the right audience.

Niche influencers in climbing, fishing, and hunting can help any outdoor brand grow. Still, it’s increasingly important to choose your influencers wisely and accurately for the audience you’re targeting. Especially if you are looking for a large-scale influencer campaign, It’s worth using a platform that can help you track these metrics easily.

1. Tyrhee Moore (@tyrhee.moore)

  • Tyrhee Moore is a mountaineer, activist, and the founder of Soul Trak Outdoors, a nonprofit that connects communities of color to outdoor spaces. Moore has a long-term collaboration with Eddie Bauer as one of their “One Outside Leaders.” With this partnership, Moore has brought in engagement rates of 4-5% per post.

2. Em Hartova (@emhartova)

  • Micro-influencer Em Hartova has only 3k followers, but her growth rate promises higher growth in the future- her account has grown by over 12% in the last 90 days. Her most recent posts for Organic Basics and Millican accessories have brought in as high as 11% engagement rates. Hartova shares incredible photos when promoting these products and advocates for ethical and sustainable production. With an average engagement rate of 7%, Hartova’s brand partnerships will likely continue to increase.

3. L. Renee Blount (@urbanclimbr)

  • Climber, photographer, and writer L Renee Blount has over 30 branded partnerships on her account, including The North Face, Backcountry, and Nature Valley, among others. Renee has been featured on the cover of Outside Magazine and has work featured in National Geographic multiple times.

4. Athena Mellor (@athenamellor)

  • UK-based creator Athena Mellor has worked with over ten brands, including Hydroflask, Headspace, and Vivo Barefoot. Mellor’s niche shows in the brands she works with, seeing as most of the brands she has partnered with are outdoor activity and health brands. Her engagement rates are high at 6%, and her growth rates have risen to 5%.

5. Cliford Mervil (@cliford.mervil)

  • Cliford Mervil is an outdoor photographer turned influencer with nearly 10k followers on Instagram. Mervil has partnered with Camelbak, National Geographic Adventure, and Eddie Bauer. His potential reach of 18k and current growth spike of 3% will likely continue to increase.

6. Jack Anstey (@jack_anstey)

  • Scottish outdoor and adventure photographer Jack Anstey has grown his audience beyond 150k, and now boasts over 100 sponsored posts. Anstey has partnered with Olympus, North Face, Adobe, and even BMW. Anstey’s collaborations will grow, considering his partnerships having a regular potential reach of over 300k.

7. Rue Mapp (@ruemapp)

  • Founder and CEO of Outdoor Afro, Rue Mapp advocates for diversity in the outdoor activity space. Mapp has partnered with Orvis, Ford Motors, and Team Scout Boats. Beyond this, Mapp is featured in several broadcasts and publications, including CNN, Good Morning America, and Forbes.

8. Caleb Wallace (@calebwallace)

  • Caleb Wallace is an outdoor photographer and lifestyle, action, and auto influencer based in the Pacific Northwest. Wallace has collaborated with Mitsubishi Motors, Marmot, Travel Oregon, and more. With only 8k followers, Wallace has had incredible reach with many partnerships, reaching as many as 25-27k followers.

9. Sofia Jaramillo (@sofia_jaramillo5)

  • Adventure photographer for National Geographic, Sofia Jaramillo has just under 25k followers on her Instagram. Collaborations include TripAdvisor, John B. Stetson Hats, and Stio. These partnerships feature a potential reach of almost 120k, nearly 5x Jaramillo’s following size.

10. Kitty Kanhoffen (@kittykanhoffen)

  • At just under 15k followers, Kitty Kanhoffen’s hiking, foraging, and fishing content see engagement across multiple platforms. With a Facebook engagement rate of nearly 4%, Kanhoffen’s content is among her Instagram and Youtube channels with 7k subscribers. Kanhoffen has worked with outdoor brands Cabelas and Loomis, as well as many smaller outdoor tourism companies. Mainly, Kanjoffen’s regular fishing content collaborates with Fishing with Rod (as seen below!), where more partnerships are featured.

11. Emilé Zynobia (@curlsinthewild)

  • Emilé Zynobia is an outdoor influencer and activist with a passion for the environment. Not only does she advocate for sustainability, but Zynobia has also leveraged her platform to work with brands that are practicing sustainability. Zynobia has collaborated with Fat Tire Brewing, Manduka, Backcountry, Yeti, and Smartwool.

12. Fishing with Rod (@fishing_with_rod)

  • With over 700 videos on Youtube, Fishing with Rod is just as much of an educational resource as he is an outdoor influencer. Rod has established long-term partnerships with Shimano, Simms Fishing Products, and Pautzke Bait Company. The highest view count on his Youtube is peaking at 15k views, with his subscriber count tipping past 65k.

13. Ron Griswell (@rongriswell)

  • ‘Outdoorist’ and adventurist Ron Griswell has partnered with over ten brands in 30 partnerships on his Instagram alone. With 22k followers, Griswell’s partnerships with Eddie Bauer, Teva, and Backcountry reach as high as 116k. With a steady engagement rate of 4%, Griswell’s platform is sure to return ROI for outdoor brands.

14. Mike & Anne Howard (@honeytrek)

  • On an extended honeymoon they have dubbed the ‘honeytrek,’ Mike and Anne Howard are outdoor influencers experiencing high growth and engagement across multiple platforms. As National Geographic authors, the couple not only keeps detailed updates on their travels but have also managed to weave influencer marketing into their posts as well. Long-term partnerships feature Nalgene and travel destinations San Luis Obispo, Travel Alberta, and Travel Wisconsin.
  1. Fishing with Luiza @fishingwithluiza) - Featuring fishing, diving, and the outdoors on her platforms, Luiza of Fishing with Luiza has established her place as a fishing influencer. As a Salt Life ambassador, she has over 800 mentions of the brand, and her long-term partnerships do not stop there. Shimano, Grizzly Products, and Yo-Zuri fishing are just a few of the over 3k brand mentions Luiza has garnered.

16. Mac | Halfway Anywhere (@halfwayanywhere)

  • Mac of Halfway Anywhere has built a blog and platform among his outdoor travels around the globe. Mac’s partnerships include Clif Bar, Backcountry, and the Olympics, bringing in over 30k potential reach. With increasing growth and engagement of just under 5%, Mac’s partnerships will continue to grow.

17. Lex Becks (@lexbeckss)

  • Photographer and influencer Lex Becks has only 2k followers on Instagram but over 33k on TikTok. As a micro-influencer on Instagram, Becks has over ten partnerships with FLO, Nature Valley, Airbnb, and Bodewell. With 1.6M views on her top-viewed Tiktoks, Becks TikTok has likely influenced her current Instagram growth rate of 12%.

18. Kimmie Tu (@kimmie.tu)

  • Kimmie Tu is a rock climber and model turned influencer with nearly 50k followers on Instagram. A partner of La Sportiva and Edelweiss Ropes, Tu also has multiple other long-term partnerships amounting to over 30 sponsored posts. Other brands include Ben’s insect repellent, Trek Bicycles, and Kershaw Knives.

19. Dick van Hattem (@predatorguide_nl)

  • Pro fishing guide-turned influencer Dick van Hattem has grown his platform over 35k. Van Hattem is a Suzuki, Minnkota, and Batterylabs partner with a reach as high as 70k.

20. Ambreen Tariq (@brownpeoplecamping)

  • Author and advocate Ambreen Tariq is working to diversify the outdoors through her platform. With 32k followers, Tariq has partnered with Merrell, Airstream, Save Lands, and over 20 other brands.

21. Sian Lewis (@sianannalewis)

  • Sian Lewis is an award-winning travel and outdoors writer and author with a growth seen on all platforms. Lewis is based in the UK and has partnered with Vodafone, FatFace, and Sock Shop, among other international brands. Lewis has engagement as high as 11% on Instagram and has a potential reach as high as 213k.

22. Kait VanHoff (@kaitvanhoff)

  • Travel, adventure, and wellness influencer Kait VanHoff has over 100 sponsored mentions among her platforms. Brands Blundstone, Camelbak, and Rocky Mountian Bicycles have been featured in these partnerships with an engagement rate of 4.7 %.

23. Mason Strehl (@masonstrehl)

  • Vlogger and photographer Mason Strehl has nearly 80k followers on his Instagram and is quickly growing audiences on his Twitter and Facebook. Strehl has partnered with Pelican Products, Mountain Khakis, Honda, and Toyota, with 63 sponsored posts between his accounts.

24. Caroline Gleich (@carolinegleich)

  • Caroline Gleich is a pro ski mountaineer, adventure athlete, and environmental activist. Gleich has nearly 150 sponsored posts from LifeProof, REO, Gaia Herbs, and Clif Bar.

25. Irene Yee (@ladylockoff)

  • Pro climber and photographer Irene Yee not only curates a perfectly photographed Instagram feed, but her work has landed in National Geographic Adventure. Yee has partnered with brands PowerBar, Backcountry, and even Chrysler. Her engagement rates of nearly 15% continue to boost her platform.

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